All In One Spiral Freezers

All In One Spiral Freezers

Refrigeration Unit Included

A unique Advanced Spiral Freezer concept with the refrigeration unit placed inside the cabinet, separately located from the cold area in a high insulated room.

Plug & Play

Just one connection from the unit to the condenser and the system is ready to operate.


The unique ADVANCED  horizontal airflow design maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all tiers, thus minimizing retention time for the food products to be frozen and reducing weight loss to generate a higher yield.

Quick to install

The Advanced Modular Spiral Freezer is mounted on adjustable feet, meaning a concrete base and floor heating system is no longer required. This reduces the installation time to an absolute minimum and helps to save you money.

allinoneEasy to maintain

All bearings and drives are placed outsidethe unit, simplifying maintenance  as well as improving the hygiene. Therefore, no heat is added from the motor into the freezing enclosure.

Compact and flexible

Advanced Modular Spiral Freezers require smaller footprints, and are easy to disconnect, re-locate and re-connect.

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