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Carton box and crate cooling system
Carton box and crate freezing system

Carton Box Freezer

The ultimate solution for quickly, efficiently, and high-quality cooling and freezing of large quantities and various types of food in a carton box freezer system.

Carton box freezer manufactured by Advanced Freezers

Efficient freezing process

Unlike traditional freezers where products are stacked in a cold storage room, Carton box freezers are designed to freeze products evenly by circulating cold air around the entire product. This method significantly accelerates the freezing process, ensuring quicker and more uniform results. The Carton Box freezer's unique horizontal airflow design maintains consistent air temperature and speed across all levels.

Carton Box Freezer system for high capacity foodprocessing
Carton box freezing system with enhanced flexibility

Flexible freezing system

The Carton box freezer offers the possibility of operating with more than one freezing section, providing a flexible system with multiple layers. This allows you to load different products within the same system, each with varying retention times, enhancing the overall efficiency and adaptability of your freezing operations.

High capacity manufacturing

These systems can handle up to 60.000 kg/h, making them ideal for large-scale operations. Carton Box freezers accommodate all types of food products, including meat, pork, seafood, poultry, ready meals, and much more. They are compatible with various packaging types, such as carton boxes, crates, trays, and buckets. Additionally, the operations are fully automated, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Carton box cooling- and freezing system for high capacity foodprocessing for various products. Mostly poultry, meat and pork.

The Advantages

Box and tray freezing system

  • Compact Design for High Loading Capacity.

  • Guaranteed Enhanced Freezing Quality.

  • Simultaneous Freezing for Varied Products.

  • Energy-Saving Multi-Zone Freezer Design.

  • Extended Intervals Between Defrosting.

  • Reduced Energy Costs with Optimized Freezing.

  • Labor-Saving Operations for Cost Efficiency.

  • Automated Loading and Unloading Systems.

  • Flexible Loading Strategies for Production Needs.

  • Scheduled Loading and Unloading of Products.

  • Comprehensive Database for Production Records.

  • Remote Maintenance and Internet Connectivity.

  • Customizable Freezer Solutions for Specific Needs.

  • Improved, fast and guaranteed freezing quality.

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