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Horizontal plate freezer

Space efficient

Our HPFs are normally used for the bulk freezing of higher value products (Fish fillets, Shrimp, Roe etc.) and represent a more space efficient method of freezing than VPF’s so are extremely popular on board fishing boats or in smaller space-constrained land applications. A Stainless Steel framework as a standard makes the HPF perfect for high hygiene applications.

HPF features


Stainless steel Construction

Built in full Stainless Steel construction (fixings and framework) The HPF has set a new standard in the plate freezer design and ergonomics, allowing for long life in harsh marine environments, and easy cleaning 100% of the time.




“Right way up” Hydraulic Cylinders are calculated to ensure optimal downforce on the product, as well as allowing more force to “break” the ice when opening when compared to an upside down solution.

Twin Stainless Steel cylinders with a flow divider allow for smooth and even lifting everytime



Hose Joints

Special Stainless Steel hose connections into the plate ensure a completely leak free service life.

The hose features a male adaptor into the plate (to allow for correct setting of the hose angle), and uses a circumferential O-ring which does not rely on compression to seal; unlike tapered thread or gasket designs.


High Visbility Plastics

All plastics are approved for food contact, and are made from high visibility UHMW Polyethylene & Acetal

Individual plates run on Stainless guides with 4 direction wear pads per plate for smooth running on land or at sea.


Refrigerant Headers

All 304 Stainless Steel as standard, constructed with 3″ (Liquid) and 4″ (Suction) Sch40 pipe, with the inlet header featuring a special “dip tube” turning it into a bottom feed allowing better liquid distribution and faster defrosting.

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