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Vertical plate freezer

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Special system

VFT’s are a modified style of Vertical plate freezer with a “flat top” which offers greater hygiene, stronger design and importantly is ready for complete automatic unloading by way of a special crane system that does not require human intervention. They can be loaded and unloaded by hand still, making them ideal for companies which want to invest in automation at a later date.

VPF features

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Adjustable Construction

Built with adjustable front spacers – ensuring maximum product tightness throughout the life of the freezer.

The front spacers are of food safe UHMW PE & Stainless Steel for a low friction, easy release surface during product ejection

All lifting arm covers (UHMW or Aluminium) are dual-pinned to prevent any contraction when freezing, to further help prevent against losses.

High capacity plates.jpg

High Capacity Plates

Made out of sea water resistant Aluminium, approved for human food contact – the Freezertech plates use a strong, heavy wall 19mm extrusion for increased life & high freezing capacity

High visibility plastics.jpg

High Visbility Plastics

All plastics are approved for food contact, and are made from high visibility UHMW & HD Polyethylene.

Generous 20mm low friction wear strips are provided for the plates, for long life and insulation against the cold plates.

End plates are spaced from the frame to prevent excess ice build up during freezing and proper drainage during defrost.


Leak-free Hose Joints

Special anodized Aluminium hose connections into the plate ensure a completely leak free service life.

The hose features a male connection into the plate (which then cannot unscrew in operation), and uses a circumferential O-ring which does not rely on compression to seal; unlike tapered thread or gasket designs.

Anodized Aluminium fittings prevent any galvanic corrosion of the sealing face in marine environments, and with a backup O-ring protecting the main sealing face, you can be sure of dependable production.

All the hoses feature spiral-convoluted PTFE inner hose, for maximum flexibility, covered with a 304L Stainless Steel braid, and an optional crimped Silicone sleeve on the outside – which prevents ice build up potentially damaging the hose, and maintains a hygienic cleaning solution.

All plates are fitted with Helicoil’s from new to prevent any thread damage during service.

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