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General information about us

Advanced Freezers

supplies cooling and freezing equipment to the food manufacturing industry. We're committed to continuous innovation and are widely recognised as being at the forefront of cooling, freezing and hygiene technology.


The EU-market accounts for 90% of the organisation’s turnover, with its modular food-cooling and -freezing equipment being supplied to food processors. Our client base ranges from small-scale manufacturers to multi-national food producers, operating in virtually every sector. 



The systems are custom-made based on the specific production requirements of each client. Using a modular concept enables Advanced Freezers to minimise the installation time while providing its customers with maximum flexibility and efficiency in the manufacturing process.


We are committed to providing service throughout the entire life cycle of our food cooling and freezing equipment – not only caring for "optimum food freezing", but also keeping it there too. Our optimized preventative maintenance programs and through modifying and modernizing the production units.

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Innovative solution

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Custom-made design

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Modular fabrication

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Hygienic construction

of experience




Advanced Freezers - Food freezing manufacturer





Which products do we sell?


Carton Box Freezers

have a unique horizontal airflow design, which maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all levels. This is minimising retention time for the boxes that are to be frozen and reducing weight loss, guaranteeing a higher yield while saving energy costs.

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Efficient freezing

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Custom-made processing

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Versatile chilling

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Safety first

Spiral Freezers

are built according to the concept of fully stainless steel welded spiral modules in line with the highest food safety standards. Each module consists of an insulated, seamlessly welded stainless steel housing, equipped with a fully welded spiral framework and evaporator. 

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Hygienic design

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Efficient freezing

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Quick to install

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Easy maintenance

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Plate Freezers

consist of a number of plates, mounted horozontal or vertical, through which a refrigerant runs. The product is simply inserted into the pockets between the plates and will be frozen as blocks.

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Reliable equipment

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Efficient freezing

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Quick to install

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Flexible design

What service do we provide?


Maintenance support

Committed to provide service throughout the entire life cycle of our clients cooling- and freezing equipment. Optimized preventative maintenance plans and modifying or modernizing the production units are the basis.

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Maintenance contract

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Life-cycle support

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24/7 service

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Spare parts package

Contact & Head Office

Advanced Freezers BV

The Netherlands


Varsseveld, Euroweg 7


7051 EB  

+31 615 092 038


VAT number: NL 858718832B01

Chamber of commerce: 71447482

Advanced Freezers - Food freezing manufacturer

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